Mols Organic is a company created by real pioneers of the organic movement. From a small group of enthusiasts, we were among the first in the world to make organic chocolate. This of course, make us very proud.

Mols Organic’ enviable mission is to sweeten the life of man with products that are both healthy and superior in taste.

Dark chocolate with more than 73% content of cocoa is one of the worlds 4 super foods and in every thing we make we are guided by our aim to obtain a superior taste based upon 100% organic raw materials. Our cocoa beans are carefully selected Criollo, Forasteras and Trinitario from The Dominican Republic and Arriba National from Ecuador. Beautiful names we think and in combination they make a chocolate of a sublime quality. The marzipan we make is made of sweet Tuono almonds from Sicily. 
Cultivated on the slopes of Mount Etna, the vulcanic soil give the slightly perfumed almonds an edge of fire and bitterness.